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OnlineLessonReviews.com is a consumer research website for people looking for online lessons to help them accomplish their educational goals. Currently we have reviews of most of the major online guitar lessons, piano lessons, and voice lessons on the internet today.

Our goal is to help our visitors make informed and smart decisions when it comes to buying educational products online. This is important as there are many significant differences in quality, price, and the features of educational products that are available to consumers.

Our Reviews:

All products we review are extensively researched and tested. We make sure to point out any deficiencies and difficulties we experiences as well as the benefits positives of any given course. We try our best to make our reviews as informative and helpful as possible.

We test all products using hands-on methods with copies of the courses we personally obtain (by either purchasing the course or being given review copies).

Besides our reviews, OnlineLessonReviews.com contains several features you'll find helpful when shopping for online lessons. We provide side-by-side comparison of the lessons we review so it's easy to compare features. You may also discover exclusive online sales, discounts, or coupons that are available for specific courses.

Disclosure Notice:

When researching what are the best online lessons to buy, you'll very likely come across many "fake" review sites. These website's reviews are often inaccurate and intentionally misleading. They also promote very poor music courses and products (i.e. Guitar Hotshot or Piano Coach Pro). They do this because of the advertising revenue they receive by promoting basically "anything and everything".

This is obviously not the way we work at OnlineLessonReviews.com. While we do get paid for customers we refer for some products we review, the integrity of our reviews is always first and foremost in our minds. We are always seeking to gain our visitor's trust by writing honest, unbiased, and accurate reviews of every product we look at. Oh, and we should probably mention that we are not owned by any of the companies whose products we review, nor do we have a personal interest in any of the products we review.

If you have any questions at all about our reviews we encourage you to contact us.


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