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Over time, we will be building up a list of music resources on this page and categorizing them for ease of reference.

Music Equipment

Music Lesson Websites

  • Guitar Lessons Online - Excellent website with free HD video guitar lessons. Brought to you by the same people that created the Beginner Guitar System.
  • Learn Guitar with Online Lessons - Center Stage Guitar Academy offers a comprehensive approach to learning guitar through a series of online guitar lessons that gradually builds from the very basics to more advanced techniques.
  • Beyond Guitar - Learn guitar online with no subscription. Learn using the free BeyondGuitar LITE video app available on iPhone, iPad, or Android.
  • Find Piano Teachers - Want to Learn Piano?  Our Music Teachers Rate the Top Online Piano Courses.  We also provide free online lesson videos to get you started.
  • Guitar Lessons for Beginners - Free guitar lessons from - "Your Free Online Guitar Teacher".
  • Free Piano Lessons - Learn basic piano playing techniques for free
  • Beginner Guitar Lessons - Guitar lessons, tabs and instruction online at

Music Information Websites

  • Bass Tabs - Get free tabs for your bass playing
  • Record Deals A&R Contacts Music Marketing And Promotion - Get connected in the music industry with A&R Online
  • Basic Guitar Setup Tips - A step-by-step guide for beginners on how to setup your own guitar (By Larry Vigneault)
  • NL-Guitar - A website that showcases Naftali Lahav's guitar articles, original compositions, and music courses that she's developed.
  • Media Web Source - Music Industry Jobs, Press Kit and Demo Tips, Record Company Submission Guidelines, Music Articles, How To Get Gigs, Band Promotion, CD Duplication, and Recording Studio Finder.
  • Jazz Guitar at Play Jazz - Free lessons, player profiles, home study courses, articles, forums, links and more.
  • Earth Vibe Music - Earth Vibe Music, musical and percussion instruments from around the world, music CDs and free MP3 downloads
  • Musician's War - Online music competition site

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