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Written By: Jim R.


After trying all the on-line guitar-learning sites on a trial basis, I decided on JamPlay. What separated JamPlay from all the others were the professional HD videos, backing tracks, the various musical genres to choose from, progress reports they generate, and the unbelievable number of instructors that you can actually speak to one-on-one. They even have live video cam discussions where members can interact with the instructors and other members covering all aspects of guitar playing and music in general.

I have been playing for over 50 years and was surprised that in addition to beginner guitar lessons, the large collection of lessons developed for intermediate and advanced guitarists. I found that there is still much for me to learn to round out my style of playing and tips and tricks for further improvement. They have recently added videos for learning specific songs from every musical style. I chose JamPlay for the quantity and quality of the lessons, the professional videos, and the excellent service.

When I first signed up, I decided to go through PayPal to use my credit card. As a result of a problem, the funds were automatically deducted from the bank account I had on file with PayPal. They said they were unable to credit my bank account and charge my credit card. I contacted JamPlay who resolved the matter that same day. They even contacted me by phone ensure that everything was handled to my satisfaction. I also received an e-mail the following day from JamPlay inquiring if there was anything else they could do for me.

My suggestion to anyone considering learning guitar or improving their overall playing, read user reviews and try all of the free trial sessions offered and decide for yourself. I'm certain you won't be disappointed with JamPlay!!!

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"Jam Play Review"

Written By: Edmund M.


Some of the advantages to the Jam Play program are that they split up the categories for beginners, intermediate, and advanced players. The instructors teaching the beginner lessons start from the very beginning as if you've never held a guitar before. When I have taken private lessons, many of the private lesson instructors skip right to teaching you how to play rather than the very basics of the instrument itself.

One thing that I am not crazy about is the fact that they have too many instructors for each category of instrument. For example if you are interested in electric guitar, it will give you "electric guitar lessons" with literally dozens of possibilities. It is not practical to go through every one of these teacher possibilities to determine which might be the correct one for you. This is very unrealistic for someone who's busy. It would be better if there were just two or three choices in my opinion. If there were going to be multiple choices in the case of Jam Play, dozens, then there should be some brief bullet point under that particular instructor's name which would possibly ring a bell for the potential student to choose him or her out over some other instructor. For example, they might say something to the effect as "Our electric guitar teacher James has a background in Keith Richards style of electric guitar" versus some other John Robb, which would at least give the student the possible heads up as to which to choose.

Other than that it is been a very easy site to navigate and I particular like like the fact that they do break down their video options from beginners to advanced players so you do not to have to navigate thousands of videos. I also like the fact that the instructors aren't in a rush to get through a lesson but take it slow and don't miss steps or jump steps. They cater to the lowest common denominator (i.e. the slower students) which is good because the faster students can always jump ahead. Lessons that are too fast and contain too much information is going to leave the slower students behind which I would not be happy with, but in all the videos I have watched this is not the case.

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"Fantastic Site for Learning Guitar"

Written By: Scott J.


I took private guitar lessons when I was in high school. Like many young guitarists, life gets in the way and the guitar gets shoved in to the back of the closet. Fast forward 15 years and the desire to play again came back. After getting my new guitar home, I sat and stared at it asking myself, “Now what do I do with it?” After doing some research and reading a lot of positive reviews, seemed like the answer to restart my guitar journey. It turned out to be a fantastic source to help me learn to play the guitar again. What I like so much about is that they cover such a wide array of genres and musical tastes. Last time I checked, they have around 40 teachers and over 2,000 lessons. With so many instructors, if you don’t like the style of one, there are several dozen more to pick from. Some of the instructors are a bit odd and actually bothered me but with 4 dozen of them to pick from, I simply chose the videos of a different instructor.

In addition, they have lessons that are perfect for all levels of playing. There is something for the raw beginner, advanced player and everything in between.

Cost wise, they are a bit more expensive than some of the other online guitar sites but if you go with a multi month plan or the annual subscription, it’s pretty cheap. With the features that I mention below, you really do get your money’s worth.

There are a lot of cool features on JamPlay. They have a really cool chord library that is easy to use and displays hundreds of chords. One feature of the library is that you can create custom chord sheets. This is great if you have a specific chord progression and want all of the chords together. They also have a huge scale library that is great for working on lead guitar chops and improvisation skills.

Using the Scale library, the JamPlay jam tracks make a great way to really build your lead guitar chops. There are even interactive games to help you improve your skills with memorizing the fretboard, identifying notes and learning music notation.

One of my favorite features is the huge catalog of videos that teach individual licks and riffs. Again this is another excellent way to learn how to be creative on the guitar and build improvisation skills.

Probably the biggest downside to JamPlay is the lack of being able to download and save the video lessons. If you want to practice, you have to be connected to be able to watch the videos.

In conclusion, I really enjoy JamPlay. Although their monthly membership fee is a bit higher than other sites, I think you get your money’s worth. If you are serious about learning to play the guitar, you should definitely check out JamPlay.

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"Most Impressive"

Written By: Jesse K.


The first thing you notice is the sheer volume of information available to learn. The lessons take a step by step approach, teaching the absolute know nothing basics, to some advanced theory. The beginner will feel right at home, the novice will add so much to his playing. Maybe you are not comfortable with your teachers style? You have a dozen or so more to choose from, from the beginning up.

You can use a downloader to save the videos for offline practice, print all the supplemental information for reference, and you have a place to go if you have questions! You can leave feedback in a lesson set, go to the message board and ask the instructor, other instructors, the staff, or even the other hundreds of students. Online live lessons and a chat room that seems to almost always have folks in it, most of them very friendly. You can't go wrong here!

I've had a live instructor, and this is just as good, trust me. And for the price, it's most outstanding.

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"JamPlay is a great investment with multiple instructors and learning tools!"

Written By: Penny L.


I have been using JamPlay for a few weeks now and I am thrilled with the entire product; it is much more than just a person teaching guitar lessons.

What first attracted me to JamPlay was the ability to take classes with multiple instructors. Other sites and DVDs only have one instructor teaching lessons. Teaching styles are very individual and I was hesitant to purchase a product which only involved one instructor.

I went to the JamPlay website and was able to take free sample lessons from a variety of both electric and acoustic guitarists. I was also able to see a list of each instructor's lesson plans. Before spending any money I knew enough to be confident that this was a quality product with talented instructors. The instructors I have utilized so far have proven to be informative and effective in their teaching.

The price was very reasonable. I purchased a year membership to JamPlay and the cost for the entire year was less than the cost for 2 months of traditional lessons. Make sure to look for online coupon code for a discount.

JamPlay is great for beginners but also appears really good to build advanced skills in many different musical styles. There are also classes on writing music, recording, increasing speed, improvising and much more. There are a lot of learning tools included like cord and scale charts, metronome, web cam instruction, etc. They provide just about everything but the guitar! The site is easy to use but there are a lot of features so I recommend using the tutorial.

I could go on and on about the different features but what is most important is that I am learning more and getting better each week. I am extremely happy with JamPlay. I have learned a lot so far and expect to learn tons more in the future. I highly recommend JamPlay.

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"Fantastic Find"

Written By: Gary A.


Jamplay guitar lessons are a fantastic find. I now have access to several teachers with different teaching styles. It is refreshing to have exposure to different methods of learning. Each instructor displays their unique qualities and gives you a chance to choose which one appeals to you! Learning from more than one, I feel, gives you a distinct advantage of not getting bogged down. It helps keep my interest level high. I also like the quality of video's offered. I am anxious to try other aspects of the program.

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Written By: Enrique R.


I'm just picking up my guitar again after leaving her for 5 years. As you can imagine, basically all I knew (which wasn't much) was forgotten. I was looking for tabs and a 7-day free trial membership for crossed my way. This website has taken me from the very basics to some stuff that I still find hard to play (and that only has 2 out 5 in difficulty!). I found the site very complete, teaches musical theory (which I really need because I'm preparing myself for a conservatory audition), has lots of different music styles, and shows how to play specific songs (not at my level yet, but hope it will soon). Another thing I liked about it are all the learning tools the website provides. You can set markers for the video and select A-B loops to watch over and over again the stuff that still needs practice, I still haven't used the online web cam lessons (as I said, I don't think my skill level is up to it yet) but I think it's a pretty convenient way to solve doubts and get new ti

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Written By: Stefano A.


All my life I wanted to play guitar so I started looking for on-line help The first thing that a friend recommended me was a website called true fire. What I think is that they teach you just the necessary, because when I finished the course I barely had the freedom to play what I wanted or to play what they taught me. So I thought, was that money ($30 or more) worth it? No it was not, because when I kept looking for other places where I found out by you guys the Jamplay website, and now I have much variety to choose from and all this new stuff I can learn. Jamplay just gives you the way to find your inner talent for the guitar.

The money that I was spending was not worth it compared to Jamplay. You can do much more with much less...

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