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Though not a stand-alone singing course per se, Ryan Cameron’s Pure Pitch Method has the potential to be a helpful tool for singers. The basic idea behind this course is that anyone can develop their sense of musical pitch and obtain the coveted sense of ‘perfect pitch’. In times past it was believed that only certain people were born with this ability. In my personal experience, I’ve seen people that appear to have been born with perfect pitch, though that’s not to say that it can be learned as well.

Wondering how having perfect pitch can really benefit you as a singer? There are actually quite a few practical applications. Once you have developed perfect pitch you’ll be able to name any note or chord by ear, tell if a note is sharp or flat, know the key signature of music by ear, and even play your favorite songs by ear. It can also help you when coming up with your own compositions.

Now this is a skill you’ll definitely have to work at. Ryan lays out a lesson-plan that slowly builds upon itself. By the time you are finished with the Pure Pitch Method, you should be able to recognize and name notes, chords, and intervals. Some more basic music theory is presented in this course but you don’t really need any prior background or musical knowledge (though it would probably help). You’ll discover how to relate notes to each other (relative pitch) as well as immediately identify notes upon hearing them played (absolute pitch).

If you are new to singing and want to learn more about it, you’ll find that Pure Pitch Method is best used alongside a proper singing course such as Singorama or Singing Success for best results.

The skills taught in Ryan Cameron’s Pure Pitch Method are great tools for a singer to possess. To be honest though, we think the price is a little steep for what it’s worth.


Within minutes of ordering the Pure Pitch Method, you’ll gain access to the member’s area where you can download the course. The total size of all the downloads is a whoppin’ 540MB. Those on really slow internet connections may not find it worth the time it takes to download. The course is primarily audio files, which are very high quality but which I believe could have been easily compressed to make for smaller file sizes.

Parts of Pure Pitch Method:

  • 39 audio lessons – As mentioned above, the audio quality of the lessons is quite good, while the narration of the lessons was merely OK. As you move through Pure Pitch Method, Ryan takes you through many different exercises that challenge you to correctly identify the length and names of intervals and the types and names of chords. Note that this is a substantial part of the course so if you aren’t the kind of person that enjoys drills and quizzes, you may not entirely appreciate Pure Pitch Method.
  • 120-page Pure Pitch Method manual – This workbook contains some supplemental information and answers to all of the exercises given during the audio lessons.

Besides the price and some of the issues we mentioned above there are also a few technical errors in the course. These don’t significantly interfere with the learning process however.


Ryan Cameron can be reached via email on his website. We’ve received timely responses when asking questions about the course.

Ordering Information

The Pure Pitch Method course is available exclusively on PurePitchMethod.com for a little less than $100. You can securely place your order using any major credit card or by PayPal if you wish.

Your purchase is guaranteed for up to 60 days. If after trying the Pure Pitch Method, you find that it didn’t work for you, you are entitled to a full money-back refund. In other words, there’s no real risk to you if you want to try it out.


The skills taught in Ryan Cameron’s Pure Pitch Method are great tools for a singer to possess. To be honest though, we think the price is a little steep for what it’s worth. For under a hundred bucks you can get your hands on a complete singing course such as Singorama, which has a much better value. However, since there aren’t that many courses out there that train singers in this particular area, you may find that Pure Pitch Method is a good choice for you.

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