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Important Update: This product has been discontinued by it's publisher. Back to all bass guitar courses.

Guitar and Bass is a unique software-based solution that teaches both the bass guitar as well as regular guitar. Those who opt to purchase the downloadable version of the course will end up getting both mini-courses, which is pretty good value if you’re interested in eventually learning both stringed instruments.

Guitar and Bass has a very enticing price, is interactive, and makes a great tool for people who are self-motivated and just need a good start in learning the bass. You'll definitely want further training in the bass guitar after completing the Guitar and Bass course, but at least you would have a solid foundation on which to build.

Be aware that Guitar and Bass doesn’t have much in the way of a video component, so if you want to learn bass guitar in a visual manner, you might want to look elsewhere.


The Guitar and Bass course revolves around browser-based lesson modules. There are 43 lessons in total in the bass guitar module as compared to 52 in the regular guitar module.

The lessons build on previous lesson material and quickly add new and more challenging elements of playing the bass. You’ll begin with learning how the bass works, how to tune your bass using different methods, start playing open chords and then move on to power chords and bar chords. You’ll even learn some riffs and play along to some pretty cool songs closer to the end.

Many of the lessons incorporate jam tracks, which are really great. You can choose to play the tracks with bass accompaniment, or if you’re feeling brave, you can go solo.

There are video demonstrations of some of the techniques shown in the lessons. However, the video quality is mediocre at best.

We especially appreciated how well the course was organized. The flash-based lessons contain everything you need right within the module itself. You get a bass tuner at the top of the screen, a groovebox (or drum machine) on the right of the screen, a virtual fretboard, as well as your music notation and lesson instructions. Pretty slick.

Guitar and Bass' affordability, lots of decent lessons, and a true multimedia lesson format will definitely give beginning bassists a good start.


Nobody’s home. Or at least that’s what we would gather after trying to contact them via email and getting it returned back to us due to an their mailbox size limitations. However, if you questions about your order you can call them over the phone. Just remember it’s an Australian number, so it could be rather expensive…

Though they may not be answering emails anymore we do know that they still do ship out CDs, so we think that someone must still be alive in their warehouse.

When we most recently tried to download the lessons to our Vista test machine, we did end up having significant issues loading the modules. We never were quite able to get it working quite right. In contrast, we found the online version works rather well with only a few annoyances. For example, if you spend a lot of time on one module and try to move to a new one, you will have to re-login on the website. Also it will take a lot longer to load the lessons, and you obviously have to on an internet-enabled computer.

We weren’t able to test this software out on a Mac, but on the Guitar and Bass’ website, they do make mention of the fact that software on the CD is not compatible with a Mac. The online software should work without problems though.

Ordering Information

If you opt for the shipped version you'll have to front an extra ten bucks for the CD and be prepared to wait a while (the software ships out of Australia).

Guitar and Bass offers a lifetime guarantee on its product, which is commendable. However, be aware that you are required to call in your refund request to get things going. If you bought the CD, you will also have to pay for shipping when returning it. (Which will be expensive considering it’s heading to Australia)


It goes without saying that Guitar and Bass isn’t the most complete or well-done bass courses out there, but it definitely has a lot going for it. It's affordability, lesson-count, and true multimedia lesson format will definitely give beginning bassists a good start.

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