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First off, be aware that Singing Excellence is not a learn-to-sing course per se, but rather an eBook that gives advice on different aspects of performing. It is only available in downloadable.pdf format. Singing Excellence works best when used alongside a professional voice course, such as Singing Success or Singorama.

The main idea behind Singing Excellence is to give singers various tips and skills that that help make up a compelling musical performance. Though much of the eBook focuses on singing, many of the techniques and principles discussed can also apply to other performing arts. If this sounds interesting to you keep reading.


The Singing Excellence eBook contains 21 chapters and 116 pages. Now, the font used in the eBook is quite large so really the 116 pages could very easily have been fit into 60 pages. The entire eBook should only take you 45-90 minutes to read. This is both a good and bad thing. If you want something short but packed with information it’s a good thing, but if you want a comprehensive book on singing and performing arts you probably won’t enjoy Singing Excellence that much.

The presentation quality of the book is unexceptional. The graphics are poor, and there aren't any audio or video examples to go along with the text. Still, the content of the eBook is decent. Seth Lutnick has an engaging writing style and makes his points quite well. At the end of each chapter, Seth reiterates the main points which makes them easier to remember, and also suggests an exercise or two so you can start practicing what you've learned.

To give you an idea of what this eBook contains, here are a some of the topics that are taught:

  • How to build a stage presence
  • How to deal with stage fright
  • How to sing with meaning and emphasis,
  • How to breath properly
  • How to take care of you vocal chords

Bonus Content: Buyer's of Singing Excellence now receive an extra free eBook titled "Vocal Excellence" which deals with some common mechanical and mental problems many performers experience while singing. Like Singing Excellence, it's not a terribly long read, but there is plenty of good advice to be found. Vocal Excellence also sells separately for $5.

Buyers Tip: Right now, Seth Lutnick is offering Auditioning Excellence, another eBook which deals specifically with issues that can come up during the auditioning process free to visitors of his website. To get your free copy, just go to the website and scroll all the way to the bottom of the page for the download link. You don't have to register or sign up for anything, and you can get a good sense of the value of the eBooks.


If you want to contact Seth Lutnick with questions about Singing Excellence you can email them to him using the email address that he supplies on his website.

Ordering Information

Even though it’s not advertised on Singing Success’ website, those who buy the eBook are covered with a 60-day money back guarantee if not satisfied for any reason.


With a lowered price point of $17 and inclusion of the bonus Vocal Excellence eBook, Singing Excellence is not a bad deal. To be sure, it's not very well presented, but we can't argue that there are alot of really good actionable singing/performing tips in the eBooks. Value-wise, it still might be a slightly better idea to go to your local bookstore and pick up Singing for Dummies® or something similar. On the flip side, if you want a couple concise, easy-to-read eBooks that you can download and start reading within minutes, Singing Excellence is worth considering.

If you are looking for an actual singing/voice lesson curriculum, please take a look at the ‘Best of the Best’ singing courses we’ve reviewed so far on this site.

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Suitable For: Beginners-Intermediates

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