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Important Update: This product has been discontinued by it's publisher. Back to all guitar courses.

Piano by Pattern isn’t presented as an all-inclusive, comprehensive, A-Z piano course. That’s a good thing, because it doesn’t even try to come close.

The main component of the course revolves around a much-hyped up “secret” that Scott Jordan came across while playing the piano that enables you to easily play music spontaneously and make up your own impromptu tunes. The truth is that while the “secret” does work, it’s extremely limited in its usefulness and doesn’t really teach anything that will make you a better pianist in the long run.

When we first looked at Piano by Pattern, the author’s name was Albert Edge. Now it appears that the creator of Piano by Pattern has changed his name to Scott Jordan (Maybe he got married...? *wink-wink*). We don’t know what his real name is, nor could we find any information in regards to his musical background or credentials.


You can either access the Piano by Pattern course online or download it to your computer.

Piano by Pattern includes:

Is [Piano by Pattern] a scam? Not quite, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s a shameless waste of time and money...

14 video lessons including the bonus, “Secrets to Successful Songwriting” video – The videos were created with Camtasia’s screen capturing software. All the videos show is a virtual piano keyboard that lights up when Mr. Jordan is playing. As such, you can’t see hand positions as there is no live camera footage. On the technical side of things, the audio is crackly, and on at least one of the lessons the audio and video are out of sync. Total running time for the videos is slightly over an hour. (1:15)

Scott Jordan is the narrator for the video lessons. He is easy to listen to and is pretty good at explaining what he’s doing. However, a lot of the information and teaching made us cringe. Most of the “songs” Scott makes up sound rather corny, and the tunes quickly begin to sound alike..

Chord Workbook – A 9-page .pdf chord reference chart where you can look up pretty much any chord on the piano.

Notes Workbook - Basically just a chart showing where the main keys on a piano are in relation to sheet music notation.

Read Music Now! – A short document to teach beginners how to read musical symbols, the names of notes, etc. This is actually not owned by Mr. Jordan as you can find the identical document here. http://www.tutorials.com/09/0917/0917.asp

So besides the secret pattern, what can the average pianist learn from Piano by Pattern? Well, you will learn some extremely basic music concepts, a couple major and minor chords, and a little bit about improvisation. Unfortunately, it doesn’t go much beyond that.


Scott Jordan has made his email available if you have any questions.

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Piano by Pattern looks like a rip-off when you compare it to other beginner piano courses like Rocket Piano, which get this, costs $10.00 less than Piano by Pattern. Is it a scam? Not quite, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s a shameless waste of time and money.

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