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Important Update: This product has been discontinued by it's publisher. Back to all guitar courses.

Music Master Pro is a website that attempts to teach its members guitar, bass guitar, drums and violin all for a one-time membership access fee. The website was started by business partners Jay Dynasty and Greg Evans.

The idea of one website that provides learning material that covers multiple instruments is an attractive one, since many people that learn an instrument eventually want to learn others. Great concept... terrible execution, as our review will demonstrate.


After we purchased Music Master Pro we immediately logged in with our username and password and were quite surprised at what we found inside the member's area. All over the place were banner ads for… get this… other guitar courses, money-making programs, real-estate and vehicle foreclosure sites, and other sites of questionable value and content.

We scrolled down the page, and found a list of links for all the guitar video lessons and .pdfs that they had available. Even though they advertise that they update the member’s area with new lessons every month, we found they never do. The lessons you see when you first login are the same lessons you’ll see a year from now. Before you can view any of the files you must download them individually to your computer. This takes quite a while and is a major pain. The only requirement to view the site’s material is that you have Adobe Reader ® and Apple’s QuickTime ® player installed.

Let’s break down what you get with a Music Master Pro’s guitar lessons:

17 short guitar video lessons ranging from 8 minutes to 18 seconds long.  These videos look like they were shot with a webcam, and the audio quality is terrible. There is also no apparent logical order or structure to the lessons.  It goes without saying that there is no dual-camera view. Worse yet, when we were watching the videos, we kept noticing a TV in the background that was continuously playing some obscure soap opera. Yes, we’re serious!

4 .pdfs. (Only 7 pages between them all) These pdf files introduce music theory such as basic chords, intervals, pitch, and rhythm.

Audio-only versions of the video lessons. These audio files contain the identical audio that the video files have. They really aren’t even worth mentioning since you can’t understand anything that’s being said without the video.

Note that you will get access to bass guitar and drum lessons as well, but we found them all to be of similar quality.

Music Master Pro makes many promises on its sales pages. However, we’re hard-pressed to find any that it actually keeps.

You may be asking “If Music Master Pro is such a lousy guitar course, why are there so many sites that recommend it?” That’s a fair question. The answer is that virtually every site you’ll find out there that recommends Music Master Pro gets paid money for advertising the course. This makes it very difficult for most consumers to discern what is hype and fact.

Buyer’s Tip:  One possible way to tell the quality of a course that teaches guitar (or any other instrument for that matter) before buying it is to see how well-designed their website is. If they can’t put together a decent website, there’s a good chance they can’t put together a well-made guitar course! This may not be true in all cases, but this is definitely the case with sites like


None. We tried contacting them, but never got our communication replied to.

Buyer’s Tip: If you have purchased Music Master Pro and want a refund, don’t bother asking them for one, since they won’t respond to your emails. Instead just file a refund request with their payment processor, which happens to be Clickbank. You have 60 days to file your refund after purchase. Once you do that, we encourage you to check out the best online guitar lessons we’ve reviewed.

Ordering Information

Music Master Pro payments are handled through Clickbank, which accepts all major credit cards as well as PayPal.


Music Master Pro makes many promises on its sales pages. However, we’re hard-pressed to find any that it actually keeps. From frequent monthly updates, to their 24-hour support, to high-quality learning material, Music Master Pro fails on all accounts. We couldn’t have been more disappointed with Music Master Pro.

Make sure you check out our other reviews for our highly recommended guitar courses that actually deliver the goods such as Gibson's Learn and Master Guitar and Jamplay.

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