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Have you always wanted to take voice lessons from a professional vocal coach, but never had the opportunity or the financial wherewithal to do so? If that's your situation, pay close attention to this review of Brett Manning’s Singing Success program.

Brett Manning developed Singing Success in response to what he considered a dearth of good quality singing courses available to the public. Now, his program is known as one of the premiere singing programs on the market. The techniques, exercises, and instruction in Singing Success are the same material that Brett personally uses in the private lessons he gives in his studio in Nashville.

Brett Manning has influenced and taught many popular recording artists such as Keith Urban, TJ Harris (Decyfer Down), Mark Kibble, (Take 6) Michael Barnes (RED), Krystal Meyers, and Wes Hampton (Gaither Vocal Band). His clients have won many of music industry’s most prestigious awards, such as the Grammies, CMA Awards, and the Doves.

Singing Success is one of the few comprehensive singing courses that work for people of all ages and skill levels. The lessons work equally well for both male and female singers as they perform vocal demonstrations using both voice types.

If you’re curious as to what Manning’s voice sounds like you can hear some of his work on his website.


Though Singing Success is primarily audio-based, the course does come with a short introductory DVD, which we've included screenshots of below.

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What you get:

12 Audio CDs: These CDs contain 17 voice sessions and are the ‘meat’ of the Singing Success course. During the first couple discs, you’ll learn a whole lot of musical concepts fundamental to the Singing Success curriculum. These sessions are definitely breakthrough material. Discs #3-8 are all about the exercises. Brett keeps things fresh and builds upon previous lessons to make you a more complete singer. As you progress through these discs you should start to see personal improvement. Discs #9-11 discs teach how to sing specific genres and styles such as R&B, Blues, Pop, Jazz, Country, and many more. The last disc in the set shows how far you’ve come, as you can apply your new knowledge and skill to a couple original songs.

The production quality of the audio is superb. Brett is very easy to listen to, and explains himself quite well. Since the course is in audio format, you can easily burn the CDs to your computer and take them with you on your commute or trips using an mp3 player or other portable device.

Breakthrough training methods, professional teaching, high production values, and a product guarantee that can’t be beat combine to make Singing Success a must-have for aspiring vocalists.

Inside the album you’ll find an insert that shows the entire course contents segmented by disc number. This makes it really easy to lookup any particular topic.

Singing Success Workbook: Short and concise, this 18-page workbook is packed with a lot of helpful tips and tricks. You’ll learn about singer’s nutrition and vocal health, breathing techniques, explanations of singing terminology used in the course, and more.

DVD Video Supplement: This DVD demonstrates how the Brett Manning vocal method works with real-life examples.

Singing Success will help you in many areas, such as expanding your vocal range, improving your dynamics, increasing your vocal power, and decreasing your strain on harder to hit notes. You’ll not only learn techniques and exercises, but new singing styles that'll enable you to discover your singing personality.

Besides their flagship product, Singing Success Inc. has many other training resources available for singers on their website. Some titles include, Brett Manning Live!, Singing Success Online, Mastering Vibrato, and the Perfect Pitch Ear Training Series. If you are looking for a more video-based singing course, we recommend that you try out a membership to Singing Success TV which delivers weekly HD video lessons from Brett Manning.

Brett Manning also gives private lessons in his Nashville studio, but at a prohibitive cost for most people. When you consider that Brett Manning charges his personal voice students upwards of $250/hour, his Singing Success program is a genuine steal!


If you still have questions about Singing Success you can easily email or phone their customer service department. They also have a frequently asked questions list on their site, so check it out.

Ordering Information

If you don’t want to wait for the postman to deliver Singing Success to your door, you can choose to download the entire course to your computer. Note that there isn’t any price break for choosing to do so however, (besides eliminating shipping costs) so we recommend you buy the actual physical version of the course.

Singing Success is available in English, and recently was produced in Spanish as well.

Buyer’s Tip: Though Singing Success usually sells for $199 dollars, it sometimes goes on sale for less than that. Keep your eye on this site or subscribe to Brett Manning’s newsletter for special promotions.

Singing Success has a unique product guarantee that we haven’t come across before. For up to 6-months, if you haven’t added a full octave to your vocal range after trying the course out, you can get a full money-back refund. Talk about putting your money where your mouth is! Additionally, all products you’ll find on are advertised as “Risk-Free Offers”. You can simply return them for a full refund, no questions asked.

To help those with low budgets, you can purchase Singing Success either in two payments of $99, four payments of $49.75, or seven payments of $28.43. However, extra service fees may apply when using any the above payment plans.

You can buy Singing Success on their website using most major credit cards or PayPal.


As far as we’re concerned, there’s not a better substitute for real voice lessons out there than Brett Manning’s Singing Success course. Breakthrough training methods, professional teaching, high production values, and a product guarantee that can’t be beat, combine to make Singing Success a must-have for aspiring vocalists.

Official Singing Success Website


Other Products by Singing Success Inc. & Brett Manning Studios:

Brett Manning Live! (reg. $29)

Mini Review: This single DVD contains a live group session where Brett Manning demonstrates several of his famous exercises with a large crowd and improves the audience’s vocal range right before your eyes and ears. The DVD is a little under an hour long and provides viewers with a small sampling of the kind of techniques Brett uses in his regular Singing Success course.

If you were already going to purchase Singing Success there’s no real reason to purchase Brett Manning Live! as well. However, if you're still “on the fence” and would like a taste of what Brett Manning’s Singing Success can do for you, Brett Manning Live! will both satisfy your curiosity and grant you access to some of his signature techniques for the price of a single voice lesson.

Mastering Vibrato (reg. $49)

Mini Review: Brett Manning’s Mastering Vibrato is a wonderful tool for those who either don’t know how to sing vibrato at all or don’t possess the vocal control they need to perform it live. Voices that don’t know how make use of their vibrato often sound flat, uninteresting, and miss out on the “full sound”. In other words, it’s not just for that viking woman that sings at the opera house.

Mastering Vibrato is contained on 3-Audio CDs. Brett Manning does the narration himself and is a pleasure to listen to. The first CD is an introduction to vibrato, its uses, demonstrations, and lots of practical advice on the how’s and why’s of building up your sound. The second and third CDs provide the heart of the training, and are chalk-full of training exercises that are designed to strengthen your vibrato. The lessons incrementally increase in difficulty as you move through the lessons.

If you want to avoid waiting for the course to arrive in the mail, you can choose to buy the download version. Unfortunately the price remains the same as the shipped version. Keep in mind that all of the products sold at Singing come with a 6-month money-back guarantee.

Our recommendation: This is one of the very few products out there that specialize in teaching vibrato and is worth picking up. The negative is that it’s not cheap.

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