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If you take what Music Master Pro says about itself at face-value, you will most likely be impressed with what they offer… unlimited access to 1000s of bass guitar, piano, guitar, and drum lessons all for a measly $29. Now if only all that were true…

We'll just come right out and say it. No, you won’t get 1000s of lessons (you get 9), no you won’t learn 10 genres and styles per instrument, and no you won’t get weekly or monthly lesson updates like they promise on their sales pages. The fact is, Music Master Pro is a scam like we rarely see in online music lessons. The most amazing thing about this "course" is that the site hasn't been ordered offline due to false advertising.

While we don’t particularly enjoy being a wet blanket, we do think that it’s necessary for us to write this review, as many unethical people are still promoting this site, and cheating prospective music students out of their hard-earned money. We don’t want this to keep happening.

So who exactly is running this thinly-veiled scam? Jay Dynasty and Greg Evans, of whom the former has at least one other alias which is Jamie Lewis(?). Between the two of them, they attempt to teach all of the lessons offered on the site. Jay has been behind several of these rip-off sites and continues to create new ones.

Now it is true that while a Music Master Pro membership does grant you access to their keyboard, guitar, drum, and bass guitar lessons, we highly doubt you’ll ever even want to make use of them, since they are all of similar quality and quantity.

With an ethically-challenged company such as this,  I wouldn’t trust them with my credit card or other payment information, so it’s a good thing financial transactions are handled through a 3rd party...


The member’s area is pretty shoddy, with obnoxious banner ads plastered all over the place. The ads range from promoting other music courses, get-rich quick programs, and vehicle and real estate foreclosure sites. Yep, pretty spammy stuff, but really not that much different than Music Master Pro. (We were actually wondering where the Viagra ads would show up…)

So what’s included in the Magnifique Music Master Pro package?

  • 5 (that’s right, five!) small QuickTime videos that range from all the way from eight minutes to eighteen seconds long (total running time: 11:28) Every video clip must be downloaded individually. Video resolution is tiny, the lighting is really poor, and the audio is distant. The lessons have very little in regards to structure, and bounce from topic to topic. (Example: After you get an introduction to what a bass guitar looks like, you’ll be shown what a hammer-on is, and be asked to follow the instructor’s lead). After going through the videos, we can assure you that no “actual teaching” takes place. Basically all Jay Dynasty does is show-off a bunch of same-ish riffs and licks that he happens to know. Other notes on the technical quality of the course: On most of the videos you’ll notice a small TV in the background which is perpetually playing a soap opera that we were not familiar with. And sorry, the TV image is too small for you to really see what’s happening onscreen… so we advise that you don’t buy the course for the soap opera.
  • 5 audio-only versions of the video lessons described above. This “bonus” feature is laughable, and completely lacks any practical value as you can’t see what Mr. Dynasty is talking about. For example, imagine trying to listen to the lesson where Mr. Dynasty is demonstrating how to play slap-bass without the video. Yep… really helpful.
  • 4 .pdf documents are included that share seven pages between them. They are supposed to cover the “theory” part of the course, and provide a basic background on chords, intervals, pitch, and rhythm.
  • 4 “bonus” videos (running time: 19:39), that have even worse video quality than the main video. The viewing size of these videos is approximately 2 inches by 1 inch, and almost seem like they were shot with a cell phone.

Be very skeptical of any website that promotes Music Master Pro, as the review was undoubtedly written by an employee of the company. Because these employees get paid when the customer pays, it seems that will be around for some time yet.


Apart from a threat we received from the good folks at about our review, we found the people at Music Master Pro impossible to reach.

Ordering Information

With an ethically-challenged company such as this,  I wouldn’t trust them with my credit card or other payment information, so it’s a good thing transactions are handled through a 3rd party.

Our only consolation for Music Master Pro customers is that if you’ve bought Music Master, is that if your purchase was made within the last 60 days, you may be still eligible to apply for a refund. Be aware that the refund will not come from Music Master Pro, so don’t waste your time trying to contact them.  If you are not sure how to apply for the refund, please contact us for more information.


Our recommendation: Look elsewhere for a good online bass guitar course, such as Teach Me Bass Guitar. If just you’re searching for regular guitar courses, go ahead and visit our guitar lessons section.

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