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Singing Success Review »

Singing Success Product Image

Brett Manning's Singing Success

Publisher: Singing Success Inc.


Best Price: $199.95

Suitable For: Beginners-Advanced, Kids


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Have you always wanted to take voice lessons from a professional vocal coach, but never had the opportunity or the financial wherewithal? If so, pay close attention to this review of Brett Manning’s Singing Success program.

Brett Manning developed Singing Success in response to a dearth of good quality singing courses available to the public. Now, his program is known as one of the premiere singing programs on the market. The techniques, exercises, and instruction in Singing Success are the same material that Brett personally uses in the private lessons he gives in his studio in Nashville.

Brett Manning has influenced and taught many popular recording artists such as Keith Urban, TJ Harris (Decyfer Down), Mark Kibble, (Take 6) Michael Barnes (RED), Krystal Meyers, and Wes Hampton (Gaither Vocal Band). His clients have won many of music industry’s most prestigious awards, such as the Grammies, CMA Awards, and the Doves.

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Singorama Review »

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Publisher: Barasco Ltd.


Best Price: $99.95

Suitable For: Beginners-Intermediates


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Singorama, now in its 2nd revision, was co-developed by Emily Mander and a team of music professionals. It has quickly become one of the most popular downloadable singing courses currently available on the internet. It’s appropriate for beginners as well as intermediate students.

Singorama is a complete singing course that will most assuredly improve the way you sing. It will keep you learning for quite some time, and you’ll always have the material available for reference. Like most Singing courses, it’s largely audio-centric but also contains plenty of textual information to compliment the course.

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EarMaster Pro 5 Review »

EarMaster Pro 5 Product Image

EarMaster Pro 5

Publisher: EarMaster ApS


Best Price: $59.99

Suitable For: Beginners-Advanced, Kids


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Musicians looking for a simple, yet powerful way to develop their musical ear may have found a new friend in EarMaster 5. EarMaster is computer software that focuses on training and developing the student's ear using a wide range of exercises. The software is easy to use, intuitive, and highly customizable. It is also well-regarded in the music community, as it's used in many universities and schools across the country.

Musicians of all types, whether novice or advanced, stand to benefit from using this software. Many of the exercises are even suitable for teaching younger students essential musical concepts such as intervals and song rhythm. Consumers should be aware that some knowledge of music theory is necessary to fully take advantage of this software, but hey... you're musicians, right? Of course you know that stuff!

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Perfect Pitch Supercourse Review »

Perfect Pitch Product Image

David Burge's Perfect Pitch

Publisher: David Lucas Burge (AEMP)


Best Price: $169

Suitable For: Beginners-Advanced, Kids


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When talking about David Lucas Burge’s Perfect Pitch Ear Traning Supercourse (yeah, that’s a mouthful) it’s important to realize what it is and what it’s not right from the beginning. Though it can be a very helpful tool for singers, it is neither a singing course nor a musical theory course. Rather, it is a highly specialized course designed to train your ear in the art of perfect pitch.

Many of the benefits of perfect pitch are especially apparent to singers, but this skill not just for vocalists. There are many types of musicians that can benefit from developing perfect pitch. One common question about perfect pitch is: “How can perfect pitch be helpful to me as a musician?” Some of the benefits include being able to sight sing and sight read, identify the key of a song, sing notes from memory, improved musical confidence and musical appreciation. Now, the course is advertised as something all musicians can benefit from (which is true), but the course format is primarily geared towards vocalists, keyboard players and pianists, and guitarists.

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Sing and See Review »

Sing and See Product Image

Sing and See

Publisher: CantOvation Ltd.


Best Price: $49 up.

Suitable For: Beginners-Advanced


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inging by its nature is a bit abstract. Those who think it’s a bit too abstract will appreciate Sing and See, a computer program that was designed to give singers and their teachers real-time, visual feedback on vocal pitch, vocal frequency and vocal intensity. It’s one thing for your music teacher to say that you are singing off-key but it’s another to be able to see it yourself on the computer screen! Note that Sing and See is NOT a singing course, but when used properly can be an effective tool in your vocal training.

Sing and See was actually designed as part of a study at the University of Sydney, Australia that examined the use of visual feedback in singing lessons. At the time there was no software that did what the researchers wanted so they had to develop their own software and Sing and See was born. Those involved in the creating of Sing and See were Dr. William Thorpe, Dr. Jean Callaghan, Pat Wilson, Dr. Jan van Doorn and Jonathon Crane (no relation to the character from the Batman comics...).

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