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Since we’ve already reviewed Instrument Master, which is basically a variation of Piano Coach Pro, we won’t be spending a whole lot of time on this review. Piano Coach Pro is basically Instrument Master with a couple minor improvements.

Once again, Jamie Lewis (a.k.a. Jay Dynasty) is behind this shiny new “Learn Piano Overnight” website. There are quite a few strikes against Piano Coach Pro that customers of the course will confirm: False claims, poor quality lessons, unprofessional instruction, missing lesson material, and the list goes on…

Though Jamie Lewis created Piano Coach Pro long after Instrument Master, it’s hardly any better. We really wish there was something positive we could report on this online piano course, but we can’t.  Even though it’s one of the cheapest piano lessons we’ve reviewed, it’s still not worth half of what you pay, and that’s saying a lot.


What you are supposed to get when you buy the Piano Coach Pro piano course:

  • 200 Lessons
  • 18 Video Lessons
  • 20 Audio Lessons
  • Exclusive Play-Along Tracks
  • 1000 Scales and Arpeggios, chords, and exercises
  • Plus 50 MP3 Audio Lessons per Piano Style Covered

What you actually get:

  • 10 Video Lessons
  • 4 Scale Charts
  • 1 Booklet on Music Theory (12 Pages)
  • Bonus Memberships to Guitar Hot Shot and Violin Master Pro

A bit of a discrepancy, wouldn’t you agree?

Inside the member’s area you can either stream or download the piano videos to your computer. The video lessons are recorded at a low resolution, and audio isn’t clear at all. The camera moves around a fair bit, and constantly cuts in and out which indicates that many takes were necessary.

There's simply no way you’re going to learn how to be proficient pianist from the handful of hastily cobbled together video clips and poor quality instruction contained within Piano Coach Pro.

The lessons feel very much like Jamie is making it up as he goes along. There is no real form to the lessons or any step-by-step plan laid out for you to follow. For example, the first video lesson they show introduces you to rhythm signatures, and the second one tries to get you to play blues chords and 7th chords!

To make matters worse, Jamie isn’t exactly the most gifted music teacher or communicator in the world either. In a single 2 minute clip, we counted him saying “Alright?”fifteen times! I know it’s probably just a habit of his, but it pretty much drove us crazy…

 Between the 10 mini-lessons there is just over 35 minutes worth of material. With the price of Piano Coach Pro at $29.95, each minute of video footage ends up costing you almost $1.00/minute, which is even more expensive than traditional piano lessons.

 Differences between Piano Coach Pro and Instrument Master’s piano course:

  • Jamie Lewis does the teaching instead of Greg Evans
  • There are now only 10 videos instead of 13, but the total video content went up from 33 minutes to 38. The quality of the lessons has not improved however
  • You have the ability to stream the movies if you don’t want to download them to your computer
  • The membership area doesn’t contain ads which permeated Instrument Master’s member’s section


None to speak of.

Ordering Information

Buyer’s Tip: If you’ve already purchased Piano Coach Pro by mistake, and would like a refund, make sure you apply for one from their payment processor within 60 days. Otherwise we’re sorry to say that you’re out of luck.


If you want a real piano course that will actually teach piano, Piano Coach Pro is not what you’re looking for. There's simply no way you’re going to learn how to be proficient pianist from the handful of hastily cobbled together video clips and poor quality instruction contained within Piano Coach Pro.

Thankfully, they’re a few other choices available that are worth taking a good look at. Read about them on our piano lesson review page.

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