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Important Update: This product has been discontinued by it's publisher. Back to all guitar courses.

If you’ve been looking on the internet for online guitar lessons, it’s possible that you’ve seen online advertisements that loudly proclaim that "You too can “master the fretboard in less than a half-hour - Guaranteed!”. Chances are, those ads are by (or a website of similar quality).

In this Fret2Fret Review we’ll look past the hype, sales pitches, and promises, and take a closer look at what Fret2Fret really has to offer those who want to learn guitar.

First a little history. Fret2Fret was created by Mike Slaiter, who is according to, is an “advanced guitar instructor” and “celebrated inventor”. (We don’t know what else he’s invented but if he's as good an inventor as he is a guitar instructor, we recommend you wear a helmet while trying it out)


So what is Fret2Fret and how does it work? Firstly, realize that Fret2Fret is NOT a guitar course. Fret2Fret is actually just a collection of memory techniques that help you memorize the location of notes and patterns on a guitar or bass guitar’s fretboard. These memory techniques, while hardly original, can be helpful to guitar newbies. Are they worth paying for? Er… probably not.

 Fret2Fret also comes with several “bonuses” (most of which are available for free on the internet):

Fret2Fret’s memory techniques, while hardly original, can be helpful to new guitarists, but not nearly worth the price tag that Fret2Fret attaches.

FretBoard Warrior - A free 3rd party  game for memorizing notes on the fretboard.

TuMeDrum – A piece of software that tries to be a tuner, metronome, and drum loop player. There’s a reason why it's freeware. The metronome has only 3 presets, the drum loops are cheesy, and the interface is ridiculously unintuitive.

Library of Guitar Tablature – The most intriguing bonus that Fret2Fret “provides”. However, distribution of this collection of .txt tab files is most likely in violation of copyright law (Read illegal).

Guitar Tablature files for Guitar Pro 3 - This bonus is completely useless unless you already own the Guitar Pro software found at (The current version is Guitar Pro 6).


Simply put, you won’t get any. Next…

Ordering Information

The only payment option that Fret2Fret accepts is PayPal. With all the customer complaints that have been filed against Fret2Fret and Mike Slaither, we’re surprised that Fret2Fret’s PayPal account is still active.

Fret2Fret advertises an unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee on its site. However, we’ve seen numerous reports of no response at all from Mr. Slaiter to these refund requests. If you are unlucky enough to have purchased this course, we are pretty confident in saying that your refund request won’t be honored. Sorry about that.

Buyer’s Tip: We definitely recommend that you only buy guitar courses from reputable education companies that have been around for a while. Check out our reviews of top guitar lessons here.


Fret2Fret’s memory techniques, while hardly original, can be helpful to new guitarists, but not nearly worth the price tag that Fret2Fret charges.

If you are truly serious about learning guitar, it is important to realize that there aren’t many real shortcuts to becoming a great guitarist. It will take some time to learn guitar properly, but the trick is to use the right learning material when starting out.  If you want to learn guitar the right way, check out our reviews of the best guitar courses currently available online, Learn and Master Guitar, Guitar Tricks, and Jamplay.

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"Customer Review of Fret2Fret"

Written By: Vincent G.


Mike Slaiter is nothing more than a cheat and a liar! I am one of his victims a couple of years ago....

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