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We are a consumer research website designed specifically for people searching for online music lessons to help them achieve their educational goals. We've reviewed many of the internet's best guitar lessons, bass-guitar lessons, piano lessons, and voice lessons that you'll find online today.

In addition to our expert reviews, we've added the ability for visitors to share their experiences with the products reviewed on this site. We are really excited about this feature as it allows real customers to be heard about what makes the best (and worst) home education courses out there. Click here to see a list of educational programs and courses that you can write reviews on.

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Our goal is to help visitors like yourself make smart and informed decisions when it comes to buying educational products online. This is important as there are many significant differences in quality, price, and the features of educational products that are available to consumers.

About Us and Our Reviews

Our reviews are written by professional product reviewers and are as comprehensive as you’ll find on the internet. Other features of our site include side-by-side comparisons, screenshots, as well as special offers and coupons that come up from time to time.

We regularly add new lesson reviews as we continue to come across new educational programs. Currently, we have reviews of many of the top guitar, piano, bass guitar, drum, and voice lessons on the internet.

We are an independent product review website and take great pride in providing honest, accurate, and useful information about all products and services discussed in our reviews. In the interest of full disclosure, we acknowledge that we accept review copies of all products we review and receive commission on some, but not all products we rate on this site. Please be assured that we do not let this interfere with our editorial process.

We never have nor ever will accept paid reviews and strive to maintain an objective perspective at all times. Lastly, we have no personal interest in any of the products we review, neither are we owned by any company whose products appear on this site.

Why Are Online Lessons Becoming So Popular?

These days more and more people are looking to the internet to help them fulfill their dreams of developing new skills, such as how to play guitar or bass, play piano, or learn how to sing.

There are many advantages that online learning courses have over traditional music lessons. You can progress at your own pace, you no longer have to work your schedule around a teacher, and you easily go back and review lesson material you may not have fully understood on the first go-around. You can also save a significant amount of time and money by taking online or dvd lessons as you no longer have to drive to and from lessons or pay your music teacher expensive tuition fees every session.

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