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"Overall quite good but I dont think it's the best one for first timers "

Written By: Fred S.


I found that this course did skim over the basics. The first thing when trying to learn the guitar is developing your dexterity. This course just flies past teaching you your first all important chords open and Barre. I found that Jamarama was far better and a lot less money. Once over the beginner stage, yes it does teach you more than most courses as it does concentrate on music theory a lot it also makes you learn reading music rather than reading tabs. But when you are just starting out this is not helpful as you are trying your best to get your fingers in the right place without having to worry about what the notes mean. So I would put Jamarama way above this for first timers.

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"Review Learn & Master Guitar"

Written By: James S.


I am finishing lesson #9 (of 40) and I am very happy with the quality of instruction. I have already learned much more that I knew as a teenager, when I got impatient w/lessons and just learned chords. I am very happy w/my choice and I am saving money over what it would cost me w/a live instructor. When are you going to offer Learn & Master Mandolin?

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"A superb guitar course with great attention to instructional design"

Written By: Ken G.


I found this after years of trying to find a structured curriculum of guitar training. If you hate the way lessons wander aimlessly and you want to get a structured path through solid guitar fundamentals, this course starts from absolute ground zero and takes you through an intermediate level of play. You will learn chords, notes, scales, techniques, a little bit about guitar gear, various types and styles including acoustic steel string, finger-picking, electric guitars, blues forms, Jazz basics, and some good music theory instruction, reading guitar standard notation and tab. The course has a very active user base who participates in online discussions. The instructor actively answers questions on line and hosts other ongoing events and web sessions. For $100-$150, you will accomplish as much or more than you would in $1000 worth of live lessons. Stop wandering through sections of various books and get on a structured path and your development will be faster and more comple

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"Learn and Master Guitar is the Best"

Written By: Robert W.


This guitar learning program is I believe, the best online program. It has been great from start to way advanced where I am not yet, but it set to easy understand. It has 20 DVDs, 5 PLAY ALONG DVDs, and A SUPER BOOK. I bought this program hoping to get what is advertised. I feel I did, and got more even then, I knew about guitar.

It's so easy to follow, It can have you playing the first day and you can use this program for years....Legacy's Learn and Master Guitar is just that, you can learn, and when completed you will be a Master or what's referred to as a guitar's super, or as they say, "Killer" You will not regret with this course, It's worth way more than the asking price....I love said, what do I hate about the product? I found nothing to complain about, and normally I always do.

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