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"Easy to download & easy to use!"

Written By: Fraser S.


I've tried several internet guitar courses in the past but had really got nowhere. I then found Jamorama and signed up for their free lessons via email. I was quite impressed with these so decided to go with the Beginners Course. I use a Mac and found it simplicity itself to download. I simply logged into the Members Site, found the various downloads (videos, jamtracks and pdf instructions) and in a couple of clicks had the whole lot downloaded in less than 20 minutes.

I then unzipped the files - just a few minutes - and arranged them on my desktop. In order to make life simple I transferred all the videos and jamtracks into iTunes and printed out the pdf instructions so I can follow the pdf and with just a few clicks I can swap between videos and jamtracks very easily!

I find this course well laid out, well thought out, easy to follow and nicely presented. You have to remember it is primarily aimed at beginners/intermediates and, as such, you don't get the in-depth musical theory that you get with some other courses but do you really want that? If you do then there are other sites that can cater for that. I find it does what it says on the tin and it does it well!

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"Jamorama fun but requires serious computer knowledge to download."

Written By: Mike H.


This product contains jam tracks that can be played through iTunes. This allows a jam track to be put on continuous loop for continued practice. There are also QuickTime videos showing chord formation, the sound of the strum, etc. The third media contains .pdf files of instruction. When the .pdf refers to a jam track, switch over to iTunes and find that track and start it. Then switch back to the .pdf file and follow the progression on the screen. It may be necessary to shrink the page size to (a very small) 33% to get it all on one screen of your PC. As a beginner, there won't be time to hit the page-down key and keep up with the jam track.

The program is in the zip format and requires a specific un-zip program to extract the files. Both McAfee and Internet Explorer balked at that program, with warnings and red flags and even denying access to some degree. No 'safe' un-zip file worked so just throw caution to the wind and use the recommended software. It's only a PC so if there are 'trojans' or 'worms' imbedded, it should only cost less than $1000 to replace the PC. Well worth it for a $49.95 program that took three days to download????

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