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"Finally! A great value, high-quality online guitar learning school"

Written By: Dan T.


I've tried DVD's, 'kits', books, etc. I tried Guitar Tricks (they have a trial program) and I was HOOKED! It is LOADED with lessons for someone like me (barely knew how to hold a guitar and pick) to very experienced players looking to crank up to the next level. The online instructors give VERY CLEAR, VERY GOOD instructional steps at a very nice pace and all lessons are well-planned. I feel I'm progressing excellent and it's due to this course.

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"Beginners View"

Written By: Wayno F.


I've picked up a guitar 3 times in the last 8 years for a several months each time, learned a little each time, forgot some each time, but I am determined to keep going, even sporadically

I'm not naturally inclined to music per se, but I can hold a tune singing, have good rhythm, etc. and i have always been curious as to how it works. I am currently (finally) understanding how 'keys' are created and their use but circle of fifths is still waiting to come in out of the cold, diminished 7ths and such are beyond reach but I'll get there.

I've had a few different guitar teachers, most want to teach from their perspective only. Exclusively.

I know how I learn best and where I want to go with it so I need quite a degree of flexibility in delivery and I have several specific goals. One major goal I have is to understand basic music theory to a point where I am no longer puzzled, another is to be able to sight read (I find tab difficult despite it being touted universally as soooo easy)

Despite receiving regular emails from 3-4 of the bigger online providers for some reason I have recently picked up my dusty guitar and hooked up with GuitarTricks.

It's relatively cheap, covers some of the ground I'm interested in, I can download what I want to go over so I don't need to be hooked up (only got mobile download anyway, very slow in realtime)

I recently got into my first song with GT, The Trogg's 'Wild Thing'.

There's also a 60 day money back guarantee!!! Ya gotta know after 59 days if it's what ya want!!


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"The Best Site for Learning Guitar"

Written By: Scott J.


Like most people learning to play the guitar, I want to learn how to play my favorite songs. A lot of the guitar DVDs and online membership sites all teach the same songs and don’t necessarily do a good job at it. I was looking for a guitar site that taught my favorite songs and did it well. About a year ago, I came across the website

I found it to be a great site with tons of song lessons that were high quality and not the same old stuff you find on every other guitar website. The instructors are really good and have likable personalities. Every style of music is covered. They have song lessons from bands such as Nirvana, Cinderella, Jimi Hendrix, Poison, Tom Petty, Johnny Cash etc. etc.

One cool feature is that the video guitar lessons have a bunch of related material that goes with the lessons such as chord and scale diagrams, related exercises, and full tablature. You can even print the lesson material so you have it for times you don’t have an internet connection.

There is also a ton of other lessons that are not song related but teach you how to improve your playing and introduce you to new concepts. Their core lesson system is fantastic in giving you an organized way to learn to play the guitar. There are lessons in every genre you can imagine. You can download the lesson videos so you can review them at any time. This only works for the technique lessons and not the song ones though.

Guitar Tricks also has a really cool message board where you can interact with the instructors. This is great in case you have an issue with one of the lessons.

One cool area of the Guitar Tricks site is called “Artist Studies”. They do lessons that are specific to a particular artist so you can learn the techniques and playing style of guitarists such as Angus Young, James Hetfield and BB King. Other categories include chords, exercises, techniques and theory.

In conclusion I can say I really enjoy my subscription to Guitar Tricks. Like most guitar players, I enjoy learning songs and they have a great library of song lessons. I also really like the other lessons they have on technique and theory. The only complaint that I have is that the quality of some of the older videos. The price is one of the best out there for online guitar lessons and with all of the great content; Guitar Tricks is easily my favorite online site for learning guitar.

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"Overall a Nice Site"

Written By: Zach F.


I have been using guitar tricks for almost a full year. I was just starting out when I decided to subscribe to Guitar Tricks. I had been learning from You Tube and tabs, but thought that a more professional system would be more helpful. So I signed up for a full year, right from the start.

I was pretty well pleased and liked the higher quality video and audio. They use good high-resolution cameras and professional audio equipment. I found this to be a lot easier to learn from than a webcam. I also like having so many instructors. They have put together a structured learning plan with categories and laid out paths. Which is much better than having random videos thrown at you each week about who knows what. Another added bonus is the software and tabs that are available. You get a chord finder, scale finder, video downloader, great backing tracks, a forum, and a reference tuner that plays a note for you to tune to. I have found the chord and scale finders quite helpful when working through songs. It is great to be able to download the videos so that you can watch them when you don't have an internet connection. The backing tracks are nice, well put together loops. The forum is nice because it gives you a place to talk about all things guitar and you can even ask the instructors questions which they are usually quick to reply to. I have a tuner which I bought at a local music store so I have not had much use for the tuner on their site.

If there were a few things that I think would be helpful or that Guitar Tricks lacks, it would be a mobile phone app for easier viewing on the go. Also most of their videos are two to four minutes long and have the same thirty-second intro. However, they are coming out with long lessons regularly.

I am impressed at the progress the site is making. Just in the past year, they have put out over a hundred song lessons. They have a good amount of song lessons covering nearly all styles. Also they have added a progress tracker which lets you see which lessons you have completed and how far you have left to go with others. They also changed the videos so that they would work on mobile devices. I would still prefer an app but when I first signed up you couldn't even watch the videos on an ipad or iphone because they used flash.

Overall I have been impressed with Guitar Tricks but not blown away. It is definitely a good site to start out at and learn basic skills. However, they still have room for improvement.

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"Great site!!"

Written By: Kenneth C.


GUITAR TRICKS is a great learning site. The instructors are knowledgeable and provide very good direction and guidance regarding each lesson. I have been a member for about three years and can honestly say my playing has gotten better thanks to GUITAR TRICKS. Also, I have learned numerous riffs and songs much quicker than if I attempted learning them on my own. Thanks for providing this service.

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