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"The Beginner Guitar System"

Written By: Jerin G.


The Beginner Guitar system is a great system to learn guitar. The system shows you basically everything you need to know to enhance your guitar playing skills. I learned new techniques that I couldn't figure out before and the best part is it includes a notebook to follow with the video.

The first couple of weeks were rough for me to practice because I could not play the chords correctly, but Nate Savage (guitar teacher) shows you exactly how to hold and play the right chords. He also paces the lessons slowly so that you know exactly how to play. For example, Nate would play a chord then rest for a couple of seconds to switch to another chord. This gives the beginner player time to adjust with the pace of playing guitar, whether it is learning a chord or even playing a song.

The best part about this system is that it comes with a couple of DVDs, a book and a poster. These tools are essential to learning guitar because they show you how to correctly do a technique or pattern. When I do something wrong, I rewind the video and refer to the book to play the chord(s) correctly. The negative part of playing guitar is when your fingers get numb and start to hurt. This does get in the way of playing chords perfectly, but practice makes perfect and eventually the pain will lessen. Overall the Beginner Guitar System is the best so far and helps you learn guitar.

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"The Best Guitar System"

Written By: Jerin G.


The Beginner guitar system is an excellent product because it shows you how easy it is to play guitar. From the complete basics to expert level, the system shows you step-by-step instruction on the correct method for playing guitar. The guitar system includes the beginner guitar system book, the complete DVD set, and as an added bonus, a poster with basic chords. Nate Savage, the guitar player also shows you how to play on the DVD on a slow pace that most people can understand.

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