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"Greatly Recommended!"

Written By: Alexis C.


I bought Rocket Piano about a week ago, and have been using it a lot. I can't get enough of it. It's really great and I really recommend it for anyone who wants to learn how to play the piano and learn to read music very quickly. I'm a beginner myself and in one week I already learned a lot about it. I've played more in this week of having Rocket Piano than I have ever played in the three years that I have owned a piano. I really enjoy the fact that it teaches you in very simple to understand ways. I'm learning very fast! It's not full of useless information, it gets right to the point and within a few minutes you're playing! One thing that I didn't really like about it is that it does lack in support. They have a FAQ center but I wouldn’t really rely too much on emailing them. Also, the videos are pretty helpful but they could be better in explaining the techniques more. Other than that I really enjoy it, and I really recommend it to everyone. This is a must have for people who really want to learn how to play quickly and have lots of fun doing it at an extremely affordable price!

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"Awesome product, definitely buy it!!!"

Written By: Ali E.


I have tried many other products, read many books claiming to teach me or my money back, and none of them got me to where I wanted to be. I was a little skeptical about using this product but once I purchased and started to use it, it was a wrap I was playing within a week. One year later, and I play exceptionally well! People at church are amazed at my ability and many of my friends purchased it because of my success. Trust me you won't be sorry.

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"Not good video lessons"

Written By: Charles S.


Rocket Piano wasn't good for my children. My children are A's and B's student and they was just bored with this lesson. On things that was hard to do even for an adult they didn't have a lot about the subject I feel like they was in a hurry to get the lesson done. If the lesson just spent more time on the subjects they was teaching would of been a lot better. Not for Children they will want to quit and never learn to play the piano. No parent wants is for their children. When I called to see if the children was doing the wrong lesson and if they had a different place for the children to do their course it was like Rocket Piano got mad and said they would give my money back and I didn't want that I just wanted to make sure they was in the right spot. Well after 7 e-mails and they never e-mailed me back then and only then I requested my money back. I will tell everyone I know not to get this course.

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"One of the most effective and fun to learn systems for beginner to advanced"

Written By: Bhim P.


If you want to learn to read music very quickly and you don't have a lot of time...well, even if you have a lot of time this is an effective way to learn to read music and play the piano very quickly.

I am in my 6th year and I am so glad I found this system in my first year.

I am recommending it to all my family and friends. in fact people ask me which school of music I attend because of how quickly I learned. Well you can start at Rocket piano whether you are an adult or a child. I am glad to have the opportunity to recommend this product.

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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